Dacă vrei să intri în legătură cu noi…10846341_10152436887840881_8762907510118930857_n

Dacă vrei să ne întrebi ceva…

sau doar dacă vrei sa afli ce mai facem…


… scrie-ne 🙂

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  1. Liliana Fernandes

    Hello Dear ​Oana Calin​,

    We work together with ESPAÇO ATLÂNTICO (EA), portuguese learning institution.

    EA is currently looking for opportunities to cooperate through partnerships or to integrate in consortium in any project in the SwafS-11-2017 (H2020) topic.

    We believe this topic is interesting for you and can work on it.

    For this purpose, here is a brief resume of our history and expertise and how we could be an added value to any proposal that you may have under preparation.
    A ESPAÇO ATLÂNTICO – FORMAÇÃO FINANCEIRA, LDA (EA) was founded in April 1990 by Dr. Miguel Cadilhe, with a shareholder structure composed by BPA Group (Portuguese Atlantic Bank), aiming to establish itself as the founder of a community college. Thus, in October 1990, it was created IESF – Institute for Financial and Fiscal Superior Studies. The IESF is under the Legal System of Higher Education Institutions, one Polytechnic Establishment of Private Non Integrated, recognized as Public Interest by the Decree of the Ministry of Education no 1126/90 of 15 November.
    At first, IESF was approved to teach three bachelor courses with the total duration of 3 years, both taught in Oporto and Lisbon: Tax and Financial Management, Financial Institutions and International Management and Export Management. Benefiting with the development of Portuguese legislation, three years later there were created three CESES (2 years) to complement each bachelor, later transformed into full 5-year degree courses.
    Supporting for entrepreneurship was always a big focus of EA. In addition to the JEEP program, the company sought to boost the innovative character of its students, creating nests of three companies (two are still in operation). EA yielded spaces and provided legal / institutional support for student companies and in many cases, participated in their capital structure. Most of the companies grown and were succeeded and EA sold all the shares, currently not taking part in any company.
    Always in looking for diversification, in 2004, the company created the IESA – Institute of Secondary Atlantic Studies (Secondary Education), recognized by the Portuguese Ministry of Education, which in 2007 changed its name to IESA – Institute of Atlantic Studies, in order to cover the 1st cycle of basic education. In 2013, the IESA changed its name to College Heliântea and also opened the 2nd cycle of studies. The last big focus of IESF was the CTeSP (Technical Professional Courses). The EA pioneered not only being the first institution with approved courses in this area as well as being the only one starting in 2014, with 3 classes.

    Added-value of collaborating with EA
    EA is a CERTIFIED entity in all its activities within the NP EN ISO 9001:2008 by Bureau Veritas Certification, and its strategy is defined as follows:
    – ARE: a training institution that aims to act in the plan of the business, academic and school realities;
    – WANT: to lead and to energize one ecosystem based on the power of interactivity and e-business cooperation, integrating and synchronizing companies, students, teachers and all entities that directly or indirectly are related to customer satisfaction;
    – PURSUING: a strategy for e-business inspired and focused on the customer, to ensure the satisfaction of their needs and to win their loyalty by optimizing their value and turning it into a potential partner; and a strategy of collective efficiency, stimulated by the exchange of information and the networking between different audiences, in a logic of a collaborative mutual aid;
    – BASED ON: an organizational culture of e-business, based on values of trust and innovation strategies, implementing processes and systems to transform data into information, knowledge and excellence strategies.

    What they can offer:
    – Boost an ecosystem based on interactivity and cooperation of e-business power
    – Foment an organizational culture of e-business sustained in trust values and innovation strategies;
    – Develop an e-business strategy inspired and focused on the client;
    – Implement new processes and e-business systems in order to transform data in information, knowledge and excellence strategies;
    – Build a technological architecture to support and to boost the e-business strategy;
    – Teaching institution from kindergarten to university;
    – Extensive experience in preparing and submitting proposals.

    Please feel free to contact us at any time if you see any interesting in involving EA in your proposals.
    Best regards,

    Liliana Fernandes
    Financing Consultant

    M. + 351 917 736 173
    T. +351 210 337 709

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